About Me

Country born, when parents really taught their children how to prepare for life.  My Dad taught me things that shaped my life and I am ever so grateful.  The First Lesson I remember, I guess as a child ( 6 yrs) I had a temper, he sat me  down and told me if I continued, no on would want to play with me.   So I stopped throwing a fit when I didn't get my way.  My parents were divorced when I was about 4 years old, so I stayed with my Mother during the school term and with my Dad during the summer.  Second Lesson . At about 9 years old he asked what I planned to do that summer, without much thought I said, "I'm going to raise and sell strawberries.  How many plants will you need ?  Well that started a whole planning process and really made me commit to what I had said.  He helped me plan it out, even helped me during the entire process.  When they ripened he advanced me the money to buy the quart containers, against my profits.  I picked the berries and leveled the boxes with the top of the box and started out - Dad stopped me and asked what I was going to do.  I told him and he said, "Well let's talk about that.  He told me that when I sold a quart of berries, take a separate box and fill the sold box until it would hold no more berries and hand that to the customer.  He advised, "That way you will never want for repeat business and  others will hear about your generous attitude and want to buy from you."  He was right. People even came to our house to buy from me.  Third Lesson.  As a child, some times I would get asked, "Who are you ?"  I would tell them I am  "Bill Gillespie's son".  Their attitude towards me would change, my Dad had a great reputation, so I had to make sure that what I said and did was factual. If I told someone I will do such and such or be there a certain time - then I had to do it - I could not harm my family name.  After getting out of the Army I was married with two children I needed a job and the first offer I got was selling debt insurance.  Not knowing anything about debit insurance, I rejected the offer, so the agent said they would teach me everything I needed to know.  Even pay a salary the very first week.  Fourth Lesson.  They provided reading material and told me to learn it and I would do OK.  One of the things stressed was - plan your work and work your plan.  Which goes back to the strawberry lesson my Dad taught me.   Life is a learning process, I'm still learning.

Photo   taken  1953   Kitzignen   Germany   before   Photoshop  !